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Casper Brindle on Oct 15, 13
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Casper Brindle makes tableau artwork: an amalgam of photography, poetry, painting, and electricity. Most paintings are built of numerous canvases, deliciously painted in radiant, atmospheric tones. The canvases are almost systematically painted with lateral passes of softened colors: burnt oranges and flamingo pinks, melting into evening hues: umbers, blacks.

Brindle’s life spent between the beaches and alleys of Los Angeles’ westside during the 1970’s and 80’s is clearly reflected in his use of color, material choices and visual vocabulary.

Brindle worked for Light and Space artist Eric Orr in the late 1980’s, and the movement, or perhaps the landscape from which it arose, has effected the young artists own production.

Brindle has spent considerable time on a surfboard and one cannot deny that the artist pays homage to surf culture both in material and subject matter.  The Light and Space atmosphere of a Robert Irwin or James Turrell has been referenced albeit briefly, and the artist has pondered the high-gloss, metal-flaked custom car finishes that are uniquely Californian; but with deliberate consideration, Brindle has embarked upon his own diaspora.  Armed with the tools and techniques perfected by those before him, Brindle has reinterpreted a subject that never ceases to provoke nostalgia and self-realization.  A postmodern mix of Light and Space meets Car/Surf Culture inform these works, but their seams are well hidden, and only those versed in the techniques of these California ideals will see the intersections.

Casper Brindle feels there is no wrong way to read his paintings as they are meant to be interpreted as a personal viewing experience, but all will agree that they are innovative and striking.

Casper was born in Toronto, Canada in 1968, shortly after his parents emigrated there from England. They moved to Los Angeles in 1974. As both his parents were engaged in design industries, one in fashion the other architecture, Casper has always been immersed in a creative environment. After leaving school Casper was mentored by, and collaborated with internationally acknowledged artist Eric Orr, one of the founders of the light and space movement in California.

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